26 January 2019 Modi Speech In Hindi English - PM Speech on Republic Day 2019

26 January 2019 Modi Speech In Hindi English:- All country peoples wants PM Speech on Republic Day 2019 Live from the Delhi. They all will get latest updated Narendra Modi Speech In English PDFRepublic day is also called Gantantra Diwas in Hindi. Gantantra diwas or republic day is a India's festival which observe on every 26th of January. Republic day is famous as national holiday on this day Indians celebrate their freedom with honor, passion and enthusiasm. Because its a national festival so it observed by any cast, community, religion/ denomination of people. 

26/ January/ 1950 was a day month and year, on this day India was declared a full republic. India's first republic day ceremony was done in 1950, now this year we are going to celebrate 69th anniversary of India republic day. Congratulate to all your buddies regarding 69th republic day, because it such a very dignified and proud moment for us. It is compulsory that in Delhi or say capital of India, republic day is celebrate as largest official/ noisy/ hustle and bustle function of nation. Get PM Speech On Republic Day 2019 and this will be in Hindi and English. 

Countless people come from far away to see the organized republic day show in Delhi. In this vivacious, gleeful, spirited, motivational, knowledgeable and alive republic day ceremony a various kind of heart-touching activities is occurs. One most important moment which done during this function that is India's Prime Minister speech. Most of people get together on this function to listen PM speech.

PM speech play most significant role in whole ceremonial function of republic day, because the overall speech is written with many beneficial general knowledge things. By using republic day anniversary show stage country leader or PM inspire or motivate to all nation citizen via their speech. So all citizen will get Narendra Modi Republic Day 2019 Speech in Hindi. The speech of PM also play out in many TV channels, radio channels. Direct telecasting of PM speech is done for few hours in every national festival. Delhi republic show is broadcast for those people who does not able to see them in Delhi.

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Republic Day 2019 Modi Speech In Hindi 

On this lovely day country prime minister give salute and tribute to all those soldiers/ martyrs who fought against India's terrorist with AAN, BAAN & SHAAN, The glory of India is Indian army. Which is one of the honorable and pride job of India- Indian army always stand for the defense of India, fighting with the enemies of the country, sacrificing towards the country and many things that make it great. The speech of Prime Minister is not for those listeners who sit or stand on Delhi republic day function and listen them, rather to all 125 crore Indians.

All country peoples, students and kids who want Modi Speech in Hindi and English language, they will get here 69th Republic Day Modi Speech. If you like our prime minister speech then share these all lines with your friends and classmates and motivate them.

PM Speech on Republic Day 2019 - Motivational Speech Lines

Teachers/ principals of schools and colleges are arrange radio or TV in their school, so everyone (specially children) want to hear the speech of our prime minister. Why citizen of India want to know about 26 January PM speech? answer of this question is says that PM speech in important in many ways, it is important because country prime minister spoke various profitable/ favorable/ beneficial/ points in the favor of education, jobs and so on, besides then PM also explain regarding unnecessary and rare difficulties in the country.

Everyone want to listen our Modi Ji Speech on Reublic Day celebration or function. So we will update after some times PM Modi Speech On Republic Day 2019. Hope this Motivational speech will helpful you all guys.

26 January 2019 Modi Speech In English

A few golden words of Modi speech "Last year(in independence day 2017), the minister had said that we would all make a country together, where the poor would have permanent homes, electricity and water". PM of coutry put their own point of view and present them in the front of youth. Through this speech, he explain everything like all good and bad activities which done in the coutry and say go ahead in the country, be the country's pride and glory. So here is the 26 January 2019 Modi Speech for all counrty peoples.

Visit this site for Republic Day Speech, Republic Day Images and other important stuff related to 26 January 2019. Wish you all a very Happy 69th Republic Day 2019, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.


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